Valtronics® Sales selectively represents complimentary product lines from the world’s leading manufacturers of Measurement, Control, Automation and Sampling products and equipment throughout the Appalachian Region.

Our expertise provides solutions for industries such as the Chemical, Manufacturing, Mining, Municipal, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Power Generation.

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Manufacturer Representative

  • Mustang Sampling

    Sample Conditioning Systems for Natural Gas, LNG, NGL's and Biogas
    Portable Sample Conditioning System for Natural Gas
    Solar Powered Sample Conditioning & Measurement Systems
    LNG Vaporizers
    Composite Sampling Systems for LNG
    Vacuum Jacketed Tubing
    Moisture Analzyer Systems
    Natural Gas Regulators
    NPT & Flanged Sample Probes
    Modular Analyzer Distribution Panels
    Modular Sample Control Panels
    Mounting Brackets & Plates
    Insulated Blankets

  • Valtronics Solutions

    Engineered Measurement & Control Systems for Custody Transfer of Natural Gas, LNG, & NGL
    Instrumentation & Control Buildings
    Metering Skids

  • A+ Corporation

    Membrane Filter/Water Separators
    Humidisorb Packets
    Sample Probes

  • Ametek USG

    Process & Test Gauges

  • Ametek PMT

    Level Transmitters
    Pressure Transmitters & Transducers
    Pneumatic Pressure and Temperature Controllers

  • Applied Analytics

    Process Analysis Instruments & Applications for BTEX, H2S, Total Sulfur, Odorant, Color, & Biogas

  • Azbil

    Level & Pressure Transmitters
    Electromagnetic Differential Pressure, Mass, Vortext & Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

  • Daniel

    Meter Tubes
    Meter Skids
    Orifice Plates & Fittings
    Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters
    Flow Conditioners


    V-port Ball Valves
    Pump Check Valves
    General Service & High Performance AWWA Butterfly Valves
    2-way, 3-way, & 4-way Plug Vavles
    Control Valves
    Rotary Control Valves
    Powered Accessories
    Valve Positioners
    Switches & Solenoids
    Eccentric Plug Valves
    Butterfly Valves
    Knife Gate Valves

    DeZURIK APCO Hilton

    Check Valves
    Air Release Valves
    Air/Vacuum Valves
    Bail & Cone Valves
    Automatic Priming Systems
    Full Float Foot Valves
    Pump Protector Valves
    Surge Relief Valves
    APCO Primer Valves
    Simplex Primer Valves

  • Flexim

    Ultrasonic Flowmeters

  • Fluenta

    Ultrasonic Flare Gas Meters

  • Hobre

    H2S Analyzers
    H2O Analyzers

  • Latanick

    Telescoping Valves
    Mud Valves

  • Ohio Lumex

    Mercury Analzyers

  • Parker PGI

    Composite Samplers
    Needle Valves

  • Rosemount Analytical GC

    Gas Chromatographs

    Rosemount Analytical Combustion/Gas

    Opacity/Dust Density Monitors
    Boiler Controls & CEMS Systems
    Combustion/Oxygen Analyzers & Transmitters
    Power Positioners

    Rosemount Analytical Uniloc/Liquid

    Liquid Transmitters & Sensors for pH
    pH/ORP Sensors
    Conductivity Sensors
    Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
    Ozone Sensors
    Chlorine Sensors
    Turbidity Meters

  • SpectraSensors Endress+Hauser Group

    Process & Portable H2O Analzyers
    H2S Analyzers
    Gas Processing - SC, NC, VA
    Natural Gas - SC, NC, VA

  • SMG Valve

    SMG Valves: Keyport, Chem-Plug, Permaseal
    Industries Served: Natural Gas, Water, Chemical, Power, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Petrochemical, Agriculture, HVAC, Processing

  • Zegaz Instruments

    Hydrocarbon & Water Dewpoint Measurement Systems (Continuous & Portable)