Analytically Accurate® Technology and Solutions

Valtronics Sales is a leading supplier of Mustang Sampling’s line of Analytically Accurate products within the Natural Gas industry.

Mustang Sampling Analytically Accurate® Technology is a patented power connection design that utilizes existing heat trace tube bundle.The patented Pony® Probe enclosure by Mustang Sampling is designed to provide sufficient insulation to maintain the sample temperature at a minimum of 30 degrees Fahrenheit above its Hydrocarbon Dewpoint. The winning combination of Analytically Accurate® Technology is the Pony Probe enclosure alongside Mustang Sampling’s line of sample conditioning and control products, allowing the electric heat trace tube bundle to be used for sample transport and the circuitry to provide power to the entire sample system.

Valtronics Solutions is a unique system integrator providing turnkey measurement solutions for the Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) industries. Using industry leading elements from partner suppliers of metering and analytical equipment and its sister company Mustang Sampling for sample conditioning systems, Valtronics is able to provide Analytically Accurate Technology and Solutions for enclosures, metering skids, instrument panels and complex analyzer buildings.