Swine biogas is fueling homes – Mustang Sampling

Mustang Sampling deployed multiple sampling systems and analyzers to allow for the control of Optima-KV’s processes. Three basic systems were deployed to measure the raw digester gas, the cleaned gas and, finally, the gas prior to entering the pipeline. Each system has unique challenges beginning with wet, acidic gas at the digester, requiring hardened materials with filtration and water removal. It is critical to protect the analyzers used for each measurement at all times, including when the system is not in balance. In the final stages prior to injection, a gas chromatograph is deployed to measure each component in the gas mixture. Moisture, carbon dioxide, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen are also continuously monitored within the process. Assuming the energy value is suitable for the natural gas pipeline, the gas can be injected into the system.

Read the full article in the 2019 May Issue of BIC Magazine