Would you like to be a part of the Valtronics team?

Current Opportunities

There are currently no openings.

If you would like to submit a resume and portfolio, please send to info@valtronics.com or drop off in person at our Ravenswood headquarters.

Department Descriptions

At Valtronics you’ll find each individual has a significant part to play within our whole team while often combining multiple skill sets across departments.  Below is a general description of our main departments within the company.

Employees within the Accounting and Administration departments provide customer service, human resources, and internal company management.
Our sales staff includes both inside and outside sales representatives and customer service representatives which support other department and outside employees.
Project Managers work diligently with customers and internal departments to coordinate purchases, set project timelines, and facilitate engineering and design.
The Engineering and Design departments work through research and design, sales and project consulting, drafting and design, and marketing.
Manufacturing and service departments carry out orders both internally and on-site through standard designs, custom projects, and start-up or maintenance operations.